Our solution is a Hospitality Specific Interface that requires minimal on-boarding to provide hoteliers an extensive overview of data points across custom time periods. At their finger tips, hoteliers are provided an overall view of performance using a variety of metrics and filters such as:

  • ADR
  • LOS
  • Lead Time
  • Room Types
  • Channels
  • Corporate Codes
  • Payment Methods
  • Search vs Book Statistics
  • Occupancy
  • Properties
  • Regions
  • Locations

Reporting Advantages

Seamless On-Boarding

Integrates on any Booking Engine or platform with minimal engineering involvement. You can start collecting data from day one across all front-end channels.

No need for pre-defined fields

Möbius Reporting responds to your site and booking engine. There is no need for lengthy mapping and requirement gathering exercises. The product will configure to your site.

Role-Based Relevancy

Operations, Marketing, Rate Management, C-Suite... Reporting provides all areas of the business relevant insights specifically for their department and need.

Leading-Edge UI

Beautiful design, and state of the art UI enable users to intuitively use the system, with minimal need for training, and flexibility across any device.

Reporting Functionality

Reporting Functionality

Customized Dashboards

Each user can set up a customized view to provide them the most important and frequently used metrics that relate to their area of the business.

Multi-Platform and Responsive

Rather than just exist as a desktop based system, Reporting works across all web devices, as a fully responsive system, including mobile web and tablets.

Cross-Organization Sharing

Reports can be shared, linked and saved across different teams and departments, leading to greater collaboration and info-sharing across the business.

Search and Booking Metrics

In addition to statistics from Bookings, Reporting also provides all numbers based on Searches, providing hoteliers additional insights into Potential Business and user behaviour.

Scheduled/Automated Reports

Eliminate the need for manually running scheduled reports, as Reporting uses a scheduling and automated tool that takes care of this for you.

Both eCommerce and Customer Reporting

In addition to eCommerce statistics, Reporting also holds all guest data from the booking engine, providing insights on a macro and micro level for users and their stays.

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