IBE and Fully Responsive Brand Website

IBE and Fully Responsive Brand Website

Möbiu's flexibility allows our clients to use it in the way that is best for their business, whether that is the standalone IBE that directs users to the booking flow in the 'traditional' way from their existing brand site, or using our fully integrated responsive Brand Site / IBE state of the art product.

Our full CMS supported Brand Website platform allows hoteliers manage a brand experience and IBE 'all-in-one' that was designed to contextualize the entire Dream, Plan and Book lifecycle of a customer, increasing conversions by showing users the most relevant information and guiding users through the path to purchase with the right information at the right time.

This platform was developed in response to an industry that was having difficulty keeping up with the way customers expect to digitally interact with brands and what they expect from an eCommerce experience. In contrast, Möbius IBE is about driving the customer experience in all aspects. We provide hoteliers a set of website tools to maximise the chance of success by refining and perfecting the customer journeys, whilst giving marketers a state of the art tool to maintain brand integrity with customized design and user interface elements.

Contextual Booking Widget

Contextual Booking Widget

For clients who take advantage of the Möbius IBE, but choose to maintain their current brand site, the Möbius Contextual Booking widget provides the ability to overlay an intelligent booking widget that follows users  throughout their journey on the brand site, and uses a variety of tools to prioritise and merchandise the user once they engage the IBE, based on the content and intent they have shown during their browsing.

Using an embeddable HTML widget that can be included in a CMS or an external website, the widget is launched with configurable parameters, that can take into account a variety of components on the brand website that include, but aren't limited to:

Hotels, Rooms, Promotions, Restrictions (minLOS, maxLOS, Adults, Children, Lead Times), Offers, Group Promos, Corporate bookings and info.

Rather than just selecting dates as per a traditional bookings widget and arriving at a generic point of an IBE, the Möbius Booking Widget enables hoteliers to push users into the relevant part of the booking flow to maximise the chance of conversion. Additionally, the Möbius booking widget exposes CSS selectors that enables the hotels to easily control the appearance and layout of the widget in it’s entirety, blending it in seamlessly with the existing hotel brand site.

Rate Management and Merchandising

Your success is our success, and thus ensuring that customers are merchandised properly from both a marketing and rate management perspective is crucial to driving direct booking revenue and increasing conversion.

The Möbius Merchandising platform is a unique tool that enables your rate management teams to seamlessly work with marketers to make sure that intricate offers, packaging, up-sells and add-ons are presented to customers at the right place and time.

Möbius Merchandising takes the philosophy that the most intricate and intelligent revenue management is only as good as how it is shown to the customer. With this in mind, in addition to group, corporate, block and negotiated merchandising, Möbius merchandising gives you the greatest opportunity for success by making every eCommerce interaction relevant.

Rate Management and Merchandising

IBE Merchandising and Marketing Tools

A variety of industry leading Merchandising Tools are available for our clients resulting in increased conversions in the IBE. Some of these tools are:

Discount Voucher Codes in the Booking Flow

Discount Voucher Codes in the Booking Flow

Auto save and presentation of previous searches

Auto save and presentation of previous searches on return visits

Booking Activity Messaging

Booking Activity Messaging ("22 people have booked this room today!")

More tools available

  • Discount Voucher Codes in the Booking Flow
  • Customisable Campaigns triggered by behaviour
  • Auto save and presentation of previous searches on return visits
  • Funnel Retention Messaging
  • Alternative Rate Suggestions
  • Channel Specific Descriptions (Web, Mobile Web, Apps, Metasearch)
  • Real Time Calendar Pricing and special messaging
  • Flexi-Date Search (+/- 3 and 7 day)
  • OTA Comparison Rate Widgets
  • Personalised Pricing
  • Members Only Rates
  • Room Up-Sells in the Booking Flow
  • Comparison Views (properties, rooms and rates)

Möbius Rate Management

As a key part of the IBE Rate Management Tool, Möbius is powered by a sophisticated and ever evolving rules-engine that gives hotels the opportunity the power to manage rates and inventory through the Möbius system directly with a variety of tools.

By measuring success and making changes through these mechanisms, Möbius helps achieve results based on real-time needs, whether that be lower CPA, higher occupancy, or increased ADR. Möbius doesn’t just facilitate the booking process for a hotel’s customers, but is also an indispensable rate management tool that drives the business forward.

 IBE Rate Management Tool
 IBE Rate Management Tool

Tools available:

  • Daily Management view (both Rate and Room Level)
  • Daily Rate Management view (includes restrictions as well as pricing and inventory)
  • Pricing Rules and Restrictions (over 30 configurations)
  • Members Only and 'Private' Rates
  • Promo, Corporate, Group and Wholesale Rate Management Configurations
  • Möbius 'Active Rate Management' - Configurable RAI editing across Dates, Days, Properties, Rooms, Rates, Availability, Policies, and Restrictions


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